What’s the cost of a website?

All websites are different including their features, design, layout, etc, so we can’t list a standard price. But we can tell you that we’ll work with your budget to get you online!

Does Your Company Do Wedding Photography?

At this time, we do not.

Do You Deliver Every Image You Shoot?

No. Some of the images we shoot can have many flaws with them. These include unappealing appearances, slow shutter, not a good focus on subject, dirty lens, among many other situations that can happen technically and personally. We sort out the best photos so you don’t have to see the mistakes or bad ones!

What’s the Difference Between SD and HD Footage?

High definition video looks better than standard definition, because the image contains more information. High-definition video, or HD video, refers to any video system of higher resolution than standard-definition (SD) video, and most commonly involves display resolutions of 1280×720 pixels (720p) or 1920×1080 pixels (1080i/1080p).

How Much Do Prints Cost?

Depending on the project, size of the print, and ink used in the process, our printing prices would be different likely for each client. In our estimate for any client, we would go into detail how much a specific print would be individually, followed by stating how much it is if multiple are being printed.

What is Guerilla Filmmaking?

Guerilla Filmmaking can be defined in many ways. We like to characterize it as a type of independent production that utilizes minimum resources in the process of filming. However, we also like to acknowledge that using specific equipment is involved for an operation like this, which includes:

  • Gib Arms
  • Sliders
  • Field Monitors
  • Light Kit
  • Dolly
  • GoPro Cameras
  • Quadcopters

There are many more to list, but these are some of the few we’ve used in the past.

What Software Do You Use? What Cameras?

Adobe Premiere and Final Cut X for video editing. We will choose the one that is the client’s preference. After Effects is also another program out of the many we use.

Depending on the project, our cameras vary.

We use a Canon XF100. This is preferred for more steady shots, tripod mounted shots, and audio configuration.
For more guerilla like video, we use the Canon 7D with a Rode Mic attached to the Hot Shoe, which is beneficial.


What are your Office Hours?

Monday – Friday

9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

How Long Do You Keep Client Work After a Project is Finished?

Currently, we are holding on to all client work even after an extended period of time. We are archiving all work just in case we need to readjust or need to send the final project out to a client again.

How Many People Work for the Company?

Currently, there are only three people that work for Grunge Muffin Designs. We have two of the three employees information on the site for the time being.

What Type of Printers Do You Use?

We use a Phaser 7800 with the Office Finisher to print Tabloid Size Paper (as well as magazines).

We use a E4900 or C5100 for 17 inch wide roll paper and U.S. Letter sheets.

We use a C6400 Canon Roll Printer for 24 inch wide roll paper.

How Wide Can Your Printers Print?

The widest we can print in house is 24 inches wide, as the other side would have no limit.

How Do You Track Retainer Hours?

We have an application called Harvest App. This App let’s us put in the begin and end time of the tasks/jobs we work on. This keeps us on track and can be turn into a document that can be sent to the client to see the hours and work we’ve accomplished with the retainer hours.

Are there Maintenance Plans?

Yes. After the initial project is finished, you can buy an additional service known as a retainer. The retainer will specifically be set by an amount of hours, that we will continue to work until all the hours on the plan are fulfilled.

Are Payment Plans for Websites Available?

Yes. We understand that every budget is different and we strive to accommodate every wallet.